Activities 活動

MAA Youth Choir 青少年合唱團 2nd Term 02May - 04Jul 2021

1. To stimulate children’s music potential, enhance their balance between intelligent and emotion and rich their life.
2. To cultivate children’s discipline and habit of obedience.
3. through choir singing to build up their collective honor, team work and confidence.
4. To promote their musicality to benefit their learning of other instruments.
Course Aim:
1. Through vocalize, sight singing, music appreciation and 2/3 parts choir practice to build up choir singing ability , learn more bilingual songs.
2. Through 2/3 parts choir practice to learn the aesthetics of acoustic balance
3. Through singing songs of various cultural to enhance children’s intellectual
4. Attending competition and annual concert to share beauty of music to reach self development and self affirmation
Audition [Apply to new students only]:
5-14 years old. The audition will consist of a song of your choice, a vocal range test, an aural recall test and sight-singing. Audition: School Hall, Cornwall Park Primary School (193 Green Lane West, Greenlane, Auckland 1051)。Enter from Gate next to 84 Whetaurangi Road, Greenlane.
Audition Date: 25 / 4 /2021 4:30 pm
Rehearsal time: Every Sunday 5: 6pm (no rehearsal during school break)
Teachers: Dr. Marie Lin (will invite guest teacher when needed)
Tuition Fee: $200/ per term [2nd Term for 10 weeks] Pay for venue hire, miscellaneous expenses, teachers and music scores, etc.
Contact for all registration information
Phone: 0800 588 118 Email:

激發孩童的音樂潛能,促進其智力及情感的平衡,豐富其精神生活。培養孩童高度的紀律性及遵守規則的習慣。 藉合唱時共同創造的集體榮譽感,培養團員相互合作的能力,並增強自信心。藉歌唱訓練提升孩童音樂素養並有助其它樂器的學習。
甄試方式 [只限新学員]:
甄試地點:School Hall, Cornwall Park Primary School (193 Green Lane West, Greenlane, Auckland 1051)。Enter from Gate next to 84 Whetaurangi Road, Greenlane.
團費:每學期 200元 [10課],支付場地租用費、團務雜支、師資及樂譜等費用。
報名電郵 查詢電話:0800 588 118

2019 Cultural Concert

Sunday, 6th October, 2019 at 7:00 pm
Dorothy Winstone Centre
16 Howe Street, Newton
[Tickets information: 0800 588 118;General Admission $15, VIP $50
For more information about MAA, please visit us on or Facebook

MAA Music Director / Conductor: Dr. Marie Lin
Accompanist: James Liu
Violinist: James Cheng

Special Guests
Mount Hermon Choir & Youth Brass Band
Guest Conductor: George Taukava

Solo and Duet
Johnson Kwok [Tenor] – Pietà Signore by A. Stradella
Fiona Bai [Soprano] – O Mio Babbino Caro from Gianni Schicchi by G. Puccini
Minette Tan, Victor Zhu [Duet] – A Heart Full Of Love from Les Misérables

Chinese Songs By MAA
Chrysanthemums Terrace 菊花台
Farewell 送別
Forget Who I am 忘了我是誰
Four Rhymes Nostalgia 乡愁四韵
Hunter Chorus 猎人合唱
Kangding Love Song 康定情歌
The Mountain In the Misty Void 山在虚无漂渺間
Tree of Love 愛情樹
Under The Silvery Moonlight 在银色的月光下

Special selections Of Foreign repertoires
Ave Maria [Bach / Gounod]
Ave Maria [Caccini]
Ave Verum Corpus [Mazart]
Hallelujah [L. Cohen]
Jazz Gloria [Natalie Sleeth]
Sunrise Sunset [Jerry Bock]
Time To Say Goodbye – Con te Partiro [Sartori, Quarantotto, Peterson]
Conquest of paradise [Vangelis] – Drummer [Kyle Medemblik] , Trumpet [Perry Willimott]

Supported By: Foundation North, Albert Eden Local Board, COGS – Auckland & Manukau, The Lion Foundation, Four Winds Foundation & Lowe Family Trust.
MAA reserves the right to alter any advertised artists and programme

MAA 2018 Annual Cultural Concert 周年音樂會

*Sunday, 21st October, 2018 at 7:00 pm
Baradene Concert Hall*
237 Victoria Avenue, Remuera

You are cordially invited to The Music Association of Auckland’s
2018 Annual Cultural Concert. We convey our multi-cultural community spirit and passion through music. Please join us for a heartfelt and unforgettable evening!
奧克蘭音樂協會2018周年音樂會, 藉着音樂傳達我們的多元文化社區精神和熱情,用愛為觀眾奉献又一場音樂盛筵!

[Tickets information: 0800 588 118;General Admission $15, VIP $50]

MAA Music Director / Conductor: Fang Ni 奧克蘭音樂協會音樂總監 / 指揮:方妮
Tenor: John Yeh 男高音:葉保慶
Soprano: Fiona Bai, Mao Yi Ping – 女高音:白光耀, 毛一萍
Female Duet & Iris Cheng – 女聲重唱:Iris Cheng 等
Male Duet & Johnson Kwok – 男聲二重唱: 郭垕枏 等
Female Ensemble & Minette Tan – 女聲小合唱:談明玥 等

Special Guests 特邀演出:
• The Philippines Choir: Surge 菲律賓合唱團
• Guest Conductor: Randall Ramos 客席指揮

2016 New Zealand Local Hero Of The Year - Iris Cheng 記奥克蘭音樂協會主席(鄭毛燕美 Iris Cheng)女士

The Cultural Exchange Concert (2015)文化交流音乐会

Auckland Museum invitation - Lantern Festival 01/3/2015 羊年燈節演出於博物館

The Music Association of Auckland at Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall, New York 16/2/2015 奧克蘭音樂協演出於美國纽约卡內基音樂大廳

Download PDF File / 下載PDF文件

The Music Association of Auckland invited to perform at SternAuditorium, Carnegie Hall, New York

The Music Association of Auckland invited to perform at
SternAuditorium, Carnegie Hall, New York

Monday,16 February 2015

Distinguished Concerts International New York, DCINY

Jonathan Griffith, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor has invited The Music Association of Auckland to participate in a performance of Xian Xinghai’s Yellow River Cantata on the DCINY Concert Series in New York City, U.S.A. This performance in celebration of Chinese New Year. MAA will join with other outstanding choristers from around the world to form the Distinguished Concerts Singers International. The performance is under the baton of Maestro Jie Yi, Director of the Shanghai Opera House Chorus. Jie Yi teaches at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, In 2005, he was selected by the “Internship and Overseas Fellowship for Young Conductors,” sponsored by the U.S. China Cultural Institute, to study with Maestro John Nelson in Paris. He received the “Huang He Fellowship” sponsored by the Asian Culture Council to study at the Metropolitan Opera with Chorus Master Donald Palumbo. Mr. Yi studied conducting with Professor Zhang GuoYong at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where he received his Master’s degree of Conducting and Bachelor’s degree of Composition. He has conducted, among others, the Ensemble Orchestra de Paris, Orchestra de Besancon, the Estonian National Youth Orchestra, Parnu City Orchestra, the Shanghai Opera House Chorus and Orchestra, the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, LanZhou Opera House and Sichuan Symphony Orchestra.

Donation Invited : 0800 588 118

Donations will support MAA Choir members to perform “Yellow River Cantata” with Distinguished Concert International New York [DCINY] at Carnegie Hall ,New York on 16 Feb 2015.

請捐助MAA歌唱團成員於2015年2月16日往紐約卡內基音樂廳與DCINY演出 “黃河大合唱” 。

· DCINY invitation 邀請函

· DCINY Press Release 新聞稿


紐約尊貴國際音樂製作Distinguished Concert International New York [DCINY]音樂總監及首席指揮Johnathan Griffith誠意邀請奧克蘭音樂協會[MAA]參加於2015/2/16 紐約市著名的卡內基音樂廳舉行的200人 “黃河大合唱” 及慶祝中國新年。MAA將會与來自世界各地的優秀歌唱團員同台演出。 黃河大合唱由易杰指揮,他是上海歌劇院的合唱團常任指揮,上海音樂學院講師。2005年美國百人會“指揮人才培養計劃” ,公派赴巴黎随指揮大師John Nelson學習。2010獲亞洲文化協會“黃河獎”,赴美國隨當今最杰出的合唱指揮家、大都會歌劇院合唱團Donald Palumbo深造 。易杰師從上海歌劇院院長及藝術總監張國勇教授。他畢業於上海音樂學院,獲得作曲學士學位和指揮碩士學位,真是博學多才!指揮過的樂團包括上海歌劇院、上海愛樂交響樂團、深圳交響樂團、蘭州歌劇院、四川交響樂團、Ensemble Orchestra de Paris、Orchestra de Besancon、the Estonian National Youth Orchestra、Parnu City Orchestra等等。

The Cultural Festival Concert 毛利與中國多元文化音樂會

The Music Association of Auckland supported The Cultural Festival Concert hosted by Auckland Museum – 14 Sep 2014.

Music served as a bridge of friendship, it has became the ties of mutual appreciation and understanding of different ethnic and culture, The charm of music, their love and dedication that make them come together. This concert aim to celebrate Maori and Chinese culture, thanks to The Auckland Museum Executives: Linnae Pohatu [Maori Projects & Development Director], David Reeves [Director, Collections & Research], Toni Mackinnon [Manager of Learning & Engagement] and Johnny Hui [Family & Early Year Programmer, Event Organiser], their appreciation and respect to our culture are phenomenal, “singing bind groups together, show solidarity and communicate the emotion and feeling of an occasion which can add greatly to the simple spoken word.” Said Linnae Pohato. Auckland Museum Event Organiser Johnny Hui demonstrated superior ability, his wisdom and good attitude that has created a happy collaboration along the way. Mr. Niu Qing Bao - The Consul General of PR China, Mr. Zhang He Qing – The Culture Consul of PR China both presented at the concert have highly commented that this event enhanced the delivery of social and cultural value in our community. The President Iris Cheng is the soul of MAA, her charm, her talent and hard work are the keys to the success of their 12 years of establishment in Auckland. Gratitude to The Music Director / Conductor Fang Ni, her tireless effort in training and performing, the committee and singing members are also the important factors to the accomplishment of all their concerts.

奧克蘭音樂協會 與 奧克蘭博物館 “毛利與中國多元文化音樂會” 圓滿成功 - 2014年9月14日

音樂架起了友谊的橋樑,也成了不同民族和文化互相欣赏、彼此了解的纽带。音樂的無窮魅力以及對它的熱愛和執著讓他們聚集一起。這個音樂會令人難忘、餘音缭繞。 大家感謝奥克蘭博物馆管理層Linnae Pohatu、David Reeves及Toni Mackinnon,對不同民族的文化欣赏、尊重,音樂會其間特别能感受到博物馆朋友們對這塲音樂會的重视,每周他們在百忙中抽出寶贵時間練習歌唱,特別是中國民歌《茉莉花》的排練。一直致力於不同文化、藝術交流的博物馆年輕才俊Johnny Hui 是名副其實的文化大使,他展现了超强的能力和非凡智慧,工作態度顯示了高尚氣質及良好的修養,使大家合作愉快 。中國驻奥克蘭總领事牛清報先生、文化领事张可清先生以及不同民族和社會各界朋友們的光臨,為音樂會增色添彩。 總领事牛清報先生给予音樂會高度的評價。奥克蘭音樂協會團長Iris Cheng是MAA的靈魂人物,她的魅力、個人人格和才華是奠定MAA十幾年歷程的關键。 感谢MAA音樂總監/指揮方妮、全體成员以及音樂會工作者,他們是音樂會成功的重要因素。

Maori New Year “Matariki”

Maori New Year “Matariki” invited be Te Pou Whakairo Kapa Haka Group at Orakei Marae of Ngati Whatua, They have gifted us a song “Kia Ora Nga Waka” which is written by their grandfather.

The occasion of a Powhiri at Orakei Marae

The Music Association of Auckland Invitation extended by The Auckland Police to attend The occasion of a Powhiri at Orakei Marae, the New Police Commissioner – Mike Bush.

Albert Eden Local Board Community Grant’s Forum Invitation

Jun 13 – Albert Eden Local Board Community Grant’s Forum Invitation

“East Meets West” Vocal Extravaganza

The Music Association of Auckland “East Meets West” Vocal Extravaganza at Epsom Library 24May Saturday 2014

Invited by Valerie Carroll wrote: I was working at Mt. Albert Library the day you all sang there in February, and was blown away by the group’s talent and professionalism. [The harmonies were particularly beautiful]. The staff here at Epsom would love it if you were able to honour our library customers with a similar performance.

ANZAC Concert

The Music Association of Auckland [ MAA ] invitation By Eastern Stars Symphonic Band to celebrate the spirit of Anzac through music Vodafone Events Centre – 7pm 26April 2014

Skycity Badminton Open

The Music Association of Auckland was invited by New Zealand Chinese Sports Association to sing the National Anthem at Skycity NZ Badminton Open, 19Apr at North Shore Event Centre.

Xiao Ma Master Class – China’s 1st Counter Tenor

Sunday 16/3/2014 Xiao Ma Master Class – China’s 1st Counter Tenor – The University of Auckland, 6 Symonds Street, City.

The Music Association of Auckland [MAA] Xiao Ma Master Class With the absolutely incredible voice of China’s 1st Counter Tenor

The Music Association of Auckland is organising the Xiao Ma master class on 16March 2014 for our members and others who will be interested to attend. We will learn more singing technique through Xiao Ma’s experience as Deputy professor in teaching vocal singing at Gui Zhou Normal University of Music, his wide range of both Chinese and Western repertoires, particularly his vocal range that extends from a natural tenor into mezzo soprano, spanning an unusual and extraordinary three octaves


Auckland Museum – Lantern Festival Performance

Sun 16/2/2014 Auckland Museum – Lantern Festival Performance - 2 pm, Auckland Domain, Parnell

Mt. Albert Library, Year of the Horse Performance

Sat 08/2/2014 Mt. Albert Library, Year of the Horse Performance - 11:30 am, 84 St. Lukes Road, Mt. Albert.

WTV LunarFest – The Year of the Horse

WTV footage of MAA’s concert

Conductor: Fang Ni 方妮指揮

Sat 25/1/2014 WTV LunarFest – The Year of the Horse, 3:30 pm, The Trust Arena, 65 – 67 Central Park Drive, Henderson

The Dragon & Taniwha Concert 匯龍音樂會

(2013) The Dragon & Taniwha Concert 匯龍音樂會 By The Music Association of Auckland: 由奧克蘭音樂協會主辨 Sunday 13Oct 7pm – Baradene Concert Hall

Performance photos for The Dragon & Taniwha Concert:

The Story of our concert from The Office of Ethnic Affairs Te Tari Matawaka

WTV footage of MAA’s concert

[Enclosed English write up](public/PDFs/English_Write_up.pdf "")

Conductor: Fang Ni 方妮指揮

Special Guest: Te Pou Whakairo [Ngati Whatua of Orakei] 毛利隊特邀演出